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Fifth Annual “What Would Martin Do?” Forum

“What Would Martin Do?” Dr. King said that, “Voting is the foundation stone for political action.” This year, the fifth annual “What Would Martin Do?”Read more

Congressional Briefings

Occasionally, the ADA Education Fund will host Congressional Briefings on Capitol Hill. Our goal is to offer Members of Congress and their staffs, as wellRead more

What Would Martin Do?

Update:  Thanks to everyone who came out to the 3rd annual “What Would Martin Do?” event.  If you missed it or simply want to enjoyRead more

Congressional Briefing on Voter Suppression

Congressional Briefing on Voter Suppression Hosted by the ADA Education Fund Tuesday, December 20, 2011 1:00 to 2:30 PM Senate Visitor Center, Room 201-00 Washington,Read more

Documentary Screening of “A Force More Powerful: Freedom in Our Lifetime” About the Civil Resistance Movement in South Africa

The ADA Education Fund will host a screening of the 30-minute segment, “Freedom in Our Lifetime,” the story of the successful boycott movement in Apartheid-eraRead more

Congressional Briefing on Youth Unemployment

The current buzzword in Washington is ‘jobs’ – both what killed them and how to create more.  One aspect of the unemployment problem that doesn’tRead more


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ADA Education Fund

The ADA Education Fund is an independent, charitable entity that focuses on increasing public awareness through education and community organizing that builds capacity for change. The Ed Fund produces periodic policy briefs, hosts progressive speakers on a range of issues, sponsors advocacy and research fellowships, and works to expand civic participation through community organizing around economic and social justice issues.