Congressional Briefings

Occasionally, the ADA Education Fund will host Congressional Briefings on Capitol Hill.

Our goal is to offer Members of Congress and their staffs, as well as the general public, the liberal perspective on key issues facing our country. Our well-qualified and diverse panelists presented unique angles on the issue through thought-provoking data and discussion.

Previous Congressional Briefings

April 2012: Progressive Tax Reform Summit

March 2012: Public Investment: Key to Prosperity

December 2011: Voter Suppression

October 2011: Social Security: Budget, Policy, and the Way Forward

August 2011: Civic Nonviolence: Documentary Screening of “A Force More Powerful”

July 2011: Marriage Equality: New York and Beyond

June 2011: Youth Unemployment Crisis

May 2011: The Federal Budget Battles

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ADA Education Fund

The ADA Education Fund is an independent, charitable entity that focuses on increasing public awareness through education and community organizing that builds capacity for change. The Ed Fund produces periodic policy briefs, hosts progressive speakers on a range of issues, sponsors advocacy and research fellowships, and works to expand civic participation through community organizing around economic and social justice issues.