Delaware Town Hall Forum

Seventy-five concerned citizens attended to learn about the "fiscal cliff".

Update:  The Delaware Town Hall forum, The Fiscal Cliff, Delaware and YOU, was a huge success.  In a packed room, Senator Coons’ Communications Director confirmed to the crowd that the Senator would not vote for a deal that lacks sufficient revenue increases. Attendees also heard from advocates for small business, women and Labor. All agreed that the automatic tax increases on the middle class and indiscriminate budget cuts on programs for working families that constitute the “cliff” must be replaced with a comprehensive deficit-reduction deal, with higher taxes on the wealthy as the central component.

Town Hall Forum

Confused by all the budget talk in Washington? Not sure what it means to you? Then be sure to attend The Fiscal Cliff, Delaware and YOU.

When: Saturday, December 8, 10:30 AM

Where: UU Fellowship of Newark, 420 Willa Road


Scheduled Panelists:

• Rep. Paul Baumbach, State Rep. from Delaware’s 23rd District and Founder of Mallard Associates (Moderator)

• Michael A. Begatto, Executive Director of Del. Pub. Empl. Council 81 AFSCME

• Marie Laberge, President of Delaware NOW

• Jason Scott, CEO of Prestwick House

• Ian Koski, Communications Director for U.S. Sen. Chris Coons’ (D-DE)



• ADA Education Fund

• Americans for Democratic Action

• American Sustainable Business Council

• Delaware AFL-CIO

• Delawareans for Social and Economic Justice

• Delaware Chapter, National Organization for Women

• Democratic Cmte., 25th Rep. District

• Delaware Public Employees Council 81, AFSCME

• Delaware State Education Association

• National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

• Occupy Delaware

• Social Justice Steering Committee, UUFN

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