Documentary Screening of “A Force More Powerful: Freedom in Our Lifetime” About the Civil Resistance Movement in South Africa

The ADA Education Fund will host a screening of the 30-minute segment, “Freedom in Our Lifetime,” the story of the successful boycott movement in Apartheid-era South Africa, from the Emmy-nominated series, A FORCE MORE POWERFUL. Translated into more than a dozen languages, condemned by the Iranian government and embraced by pro-democracy activists in Libya, Belarus, China, Colombia and Zimbabwe, A FORCE MORE POWERFUL tells one of humanity’s most important but least understood stories – how millions have chosen to battle the forces of brutality and oppression with non-violent weapons – and won.

The audience will be invited to stay for a conversation with the film’s D.C.-based director, Steve York, who has spent the past decade chronicling successful nonviolent movements. His other films include Bringing Down A Dictator (2002) about the nonviolent defeat of Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, and Orange Revolution, (2006), which covered the stolen election in Ukraine in 2004. York recently produced the simulation video game, People Power, which casts the player as a leader of a non-violent popular movement. He is currently in production on a film about the recent uprising in Egypt.

Featuring in-depth interviews, A FORCE MORE POWERFUL introduces several extraordinary, but largely unknown, individuals who drove historic events, and has particular resonance today as popular resistance movements have reconfigured the former Soviet Republic and shaken the Arab world. It has been screened at numerous film festivals, universities, and think tanks around the world, as well as at the Democratic National Convention, the International Republican Institute, the United Nations, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Hailed by The Washington Post as “…rich in archival footage and thoughtful interviews….The stories are inspiring, sometimes awesome”. A FORCE MORE POWERFUL was nominated for an Emmy in 2001.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2011

2456 Rayburn House Office Building

 From 12:00 to 1:30PM

* * *

As always, the ADA Ed Fund is grateful to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and her staff for their assistance in reserving space and helping to coordinate this film screening. For more information on upcoming events, please visit our ADA Education Fund Facebook page

ADA Education Fund Congressional Briefings: Documentary Screening and Discussion from ADA & ADA Ed Fund on Vimeo

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